The ayahuasca experience can have a profound impact on your life. However, preparing for it is not an easy task. Many people have suggested different diets for preparation, but they all include the following: avoiding red meat, pork, dairy products and anything that is fermented or pickled. Also, avoid fried foods as well excessive oils, alcohol, spices with heat, sugar and any other salt. It may seem strange to you that someone would avoid such an extensive list of foods prior to taking ayahuasca. This diet was backed up by good science after I did some research. You can get the best guide on

Tyramine is present in large quantities in pork, aged foods, pickled or fermented products, as well as food that has been smoked, fermented, or pickedled. Tyramine derives from tyrosine, an amino acid. Any MAOI (monoamine-oxidase inhibitors), when mixed with foods rich in tyramine, can cause serious harm. Due to this, physicians do not prescribe MAOIs nearly as frequently today as they once did. Ayahuasca is a mixture of at least three MAOI drugs. This makes it very dangerous to consume foods that contain a large amount of tyramine before an ayahuasca session. The week leading up to the ceremony should be free of sexual activity. Sexual activity drains your body’s focus and energy, which is why it’s important to refrain from any sexual activity for at least a week prior to the ceremony.

In the United States, it is challenging to maintain this diet due to the variety of foods available in stores. To me, it was easiest to keep the diet by purchasing fresh fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and grains at the grocery store and preparing them in my home. As I was not willing to take chances, I stuck strictly to the plan. Even though I only adhered to this diet for six full days, my entire body felt cleansed. I gained about eight pounds but my sense of taste and odor were much sharper than before. I felt lighter. Sluggishness was gone and my joints no longer stiffened. You don’t have to be planning an ayahuasca experience anytime soon for this diet. It can do wonders both in the mind and body. Just try it for a few weeks and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.