Roller Blinds Custom Made to Your Specifications

decorating your roller shades will make them appear stylish. When renovating a house, most people focus their attention on changing the colour of the walls, or moving the furniture around, and completely ignore the window’s appearance. You can get the best guide on wollongong roller shutters.

Think about how often you gaze out of the window throughout the day. That will help you understand why changing the window treatment can be a part of an overall remodeling project in your home. There are some ways to redesign your roller blinds, even if you’re happy with them.

If you want your imagination to flow, it is important to clean and dust the blinds before beginning the project. You can use a feather duster or a vacuum and then wipe down the blind with water and an old sponge. As you will be removing the blind anyway, you can soak it into the bathtub to clean it thoroughly.

Fabric and Fabric Decoration

roller blinds can be decorated by attaching fabric directly to their surface. Simple to do. Measure the blind to find out the correct size for the fabric. It is important that the fabric be several inches larger on each side than the blind. Not only will this minimize any measurement mistakes, but it also makes the gluing procedure easier.

You can now choose your fabric. Whether you want to use natural materials or synthetics, or choose a single color or pattern, the choice is yours. Cotton is a lighter material than wool or Velvet, which can interfere with the function of your blinds.

Applying fabric onto blinds is the final step. You can use a spray or glue gun for applying glue to the blind. As you attach the fabric, make sure to avoid any creases or air bubbles. If you have extra fabric, wrap it around the blind. Glue it or just cut it.

After your new roller blinds have dried it’s time to apply the final touch. For a proper seal, apply some white adhesive over the fabric to prevent the fraying. You can use a matte sealant on the corners if you are not planning to move the blinds up and back down often. When everything is dry, the roller blind can be reinstalled.

Roller Blinds Decorated with Paint

Add some color to the blinds if there is some free time. You don’t have to be worried, as this project is not complicated. However, it requires some creativity and imagination. Prepare some fabric dye, a little water and some sponges. You can use sponges of any shape (square, circular) for simpler shapes. If you wish to make more complex shapes, then purchase sponges with different shapes.

While you could do this with the blind still on, it is better to remove it. You can dip the sponge in the chosen color, and quickly press the sponge on the surface. Be sure to apply sufficient color. Otherwise, your bunny will turn out as a smudge. Continue the process, changing shapes and colours as needed.