Finding a carpet cleaner that doesn’t outsource their work is difficult. It is important that when hiring a cleaner, the individual hired does the actual manual work involved in cleaning your home’s carpet. Ask the right questions over the phone prior to inviting a service in for a quote and interview. You will be able to eliminate companies who outsource immediately.

Asking for recommendations from people you know is a good way to find a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t outsource. If a family has found a carpet cleaner that is reliable and trustworthy, they will likely recommend it to their friends whenever the need arises. Inexperienced technicians, without the proper training are hired by large companies to clean carpets. This can cause irreversible damages to your flooring. Without proper equipment, experience, and training, there are many issues. These include over-wetting of carpets, excessive shampooing, and stains.

Regular carpet maintenance is essential to keeping them clean. To prevent stains, to stop microorganisms from settling deep in carpets and protect your family’s health you should hire a professional cleaner at least every 12 months. It may take more effort to locate a reputable carpet cleaning company with experience, but the added work will pay off when your carpets look like new.

Many homeowners have problems with over-wetting when they try to clean carpets themselves. Delimitation can occur when the carpet is over-wet. The carpet backing can separate from the carpet fibres. It is impossible to fix this without replacing the affected carpet. When carpet becomes saturated, the backing of the carpet can shrink and cause separation between the different materials in the carpet. If carpet is left to remain wet, the color of carpet can fade and look worn. Mold and mildew will also grow if carpets are not dried thoroughly. This can be prevented by using fans to circulate air around the stain area. It will also help to dry out the carpet, reducing any problems that may arise from overwetting. Professional carpet cleaners should use equipment that leaves carpets dry enough to touch, along with air flow instructions to finish drying carpets.

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