What are the dangers to new puppies? Let’s be safer!

The purchase of a puppy can be a very exciting time for all, but it is also a huge responsibility. Your goal is for your puppy to be a happy and healthy adult. But the most delicate time in a dog’s lifespan is the first six month. The puppy must be cared for by you until this age. Guess what? Let me help you! I asked nicely! If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Cockapoo Puppies for sale

Let’s examine how we can help puppies reach 6 months of age without any problems.

The Danger of Temperature – Now, I’ll tell the dangers. There are many dangers to be aware of. I will highlight the most important. Although it’s simple, the first danger is easy to overlook. It is the temperature in your house. For a second, think about this: what temperature does the house average during winter? Consider the summer. What about all year? It is normal for homes to range between 65-85F (between 18-29 C), and anything lower than 72F can be dangerous for young puppies.

72F is a comfortable temperature for adults, and it’s fine for puppies. But puppies are fragile and should not be exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods. It is common for houses to cool down by night. Consider this: If you are fast asleep, you will use blankets to keep you warm. However, a puppy’s fur is all that’s needed to keep him warm. Even though you are all snugly laying on your soft blanket, the puppy could be experiencing cold symptoms and may die.