Do you wonder how carpet cleaners can clean so many different carpet types? They have several different carpet cleaning methods available to them. Here’s some information on the types of cleaning carpets that are done by professionals go here.

Host cleaning
After vacuuming the carpet, a wet absorptive compound is sprinkled over it. A cleaning machine agitates the compound to help remove embedded dirt and stains from the carpet. It does not make the carpet soaked, which is good. However, it is less effective than other cleaning methods because it only cleans the surface.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning
The best carpets for encapsulation cleaning are low-pile carpets. A carpet is first treated with a cleaning solution and then embedded using a machine. As the solution absorbs, dirt is trapped in crystals. You can vacuum it up using a standard vacuum and the dirt deposits will come with it. The dirt will remain trapped in any solution that is not vacuumed the first time. This method may be quick, but not suitable for heavily soiled rugs.

Bonnet Cleaning
A liquid cleaning solution that is designed to break up dirt deposits is sprayed directly onto the carpet. The liquid cleaning solution is then gently buffed up by a machine that moves across the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine’s absorbent pad, or bonnet, may need to changed periodically. Another fast-drying solution. However, it is not recommended for use on face fibers.

Hot water extraction cleaning
The carpet manufacturer’s most common recommendation is this type of cleansing. The carpet is treated with a pre-treatment solution to break down the dirt. The dirt and the solution are then washed away using a powerful hot water rinse. The machine that is used will simultaneously remove waste water and steam, so the carpet does not stay soggy. This method helps remove embedded dirt, and sanitise the carpets. However, if done incorrectly it could go wrong.
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