A car is the second-largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. It is obvious that one would like to keep his or her car as clean and pristine as possible. It is important to maintain the paintwork as well as maintaining the auto’s heart, the engine. It is important to maintain the paintwork of your car. This reflects how you treat it and the condition in which the car is. The paint condition is important when selling a vehicle, because flawless painting gives the impression of a car in great hands. This will result in obtaining optimum price. You can get your car in tip-top shape at a minimal price by NearU Mobile Auto Detailing following the tips below.

Pour generously a car washing liquid (or dishwashing soap) into a bucket of water. Remember that dishwashing liquids will remove dirt, oil and grime. Plus, they’re gentler on the paint than they are for your hands. You can wash your car all over. Get into the tight places like between alloy wheel spokes and your door handle. To avoid causing fine scratches, use only microfiber cloths.

After the claying, comes the final step. Spray an area using the mixture. After spraying the area, kneel a piece that is small enough to be held comfortably by your fingers. Rub it on. You can use the front-back motion on the top part of your car and the up-down motion to clean the side. Rub in the same spot until the paint feels like it is being rubbed smoothly. Before drying the paint, rinse your car well with water.

Polish is then applied to the hairline to help reduce them further. Polish in small circular movements on the top and side areas of the automobile. Finish with an up-down motion. The majority of polish makers recommend using this polishing technique. Once the polish has dried off, you can use a 100% cotton clean towel to remove any dried varnish. To achieve the best result, repeat each step a maximum three times.

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