Homeschool and Community Colleges – What Are Your Options

Parents need to address many issues related to their homeschooled children. First, parents should review the policies at these community colleges concerning homeschool students. Homeschool students are subject to the policies of each college. The parents are greatly aided if the policies are reviewed and followed. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college, you need to work with junior colleges

The verification of existing community college policies does not mean that the matter is over. I want to emphasize that parents must also consider whether they are required to send their homeschooled child to one of these local community college campuses.

I don’t mind parents sending homeschooled students off to community colleges. This is something parents decide. Parents, especially Christian parents must consider the welfare and well-being of their children. They can also assess the readiness of their children for socialization and interaction with an adult group that may be unregulated. I must add that parents must make a well-thought decision. They shouldn’t let the bandwagon effect influence them. They must fully understand the implications of the decision and its impact on the lives of their kids. Also, parents must act as parents and ensure that their children are well-informed.

This is all because I care about my homeschooled teenagers. The homeschooling years have been very beneficial for them and they should be allowed to continue enjoying a friendly environment with their families and the environment that does not threaten the values they have grown up to love. I hope these issues will help homeschoolers see the reality of local community colleges. They can then decide for their own benefit and that of their children whether they want to send their homeschooled children to one.

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